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Top React Native App Development Company in USA

Top React Native App Development Company in USA
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You’ve probably used the official iOS or Android Facebook app and seen React Native in action. React Native is the second most popular cross-platform framework for creating mobile apps, with a market share of 38%. React Native is still a well-liked choice in 2023.

To ensure a top-notch project, choose a renowned React Native app development company. Read this blog and explore a top React Native app development company in the USA for your dream project.

Facebook developed the React Native framework, which has advanced tools for creating cutting-edge mobile apps that work on both iOS and Android devices. It is one of the most frequently used programming languages among developers worldwide. It is one of the best platforms for creating cutting-edge apps that work on the web, Android, iOS, and UWP.

The popularity of React Native can be judged by the App brain’s study. According to which React Native is the third most popular framework, behind Kotlin and Android Architectural Components.

According to which React Native is the third most popular framework, behind Kotlin and Android Architectural Components.

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React Native is an excellent pick for businesses to create a consistent brand experience across diverse platforms and enhance ROI. This is why biggies like Facebook, Walmart, and Uber leveraged the powers of React Native to construct their apps.

If you want to leverage this framework fully, take the assistance of a top React Native app development company in the USA that offers an effective and adaptable digital product. The highly skilled and informed crew offers the best user experience possible.
Not surprisingly, React Native is the newest craze in the world of app development. As a result, many React Native app development service providers are entering the market. Because of its compatibility with various platforms, apps were developed quickly and affordably, which is the biggest reason for its increasing popularity.

In this blog, we will clarify why working with a React Native development company is a wise choice. Later on, we will go into the full depth of a top React Native app development company.

Why Is React Native Development Perfect for Mobile Apps?

Look at the top merits of React Native development for your enterprise.

Benefits of React Native App Development

  • Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

It enables you to create applications for iOS and Android using the same code. This is the main advantage because it reduces the time needed to develop cross-platform apps.

  •  Faster Development

Your development process will be faster with the support of React Native’s numerous simple-to-use components. It opens the door to an increasing number of community-built libraries in addition to the basic selections. React Native’s packages will simplify modification even if you cannot find a ready-made component that meets your demands.

  • Live Updates

Without app store approval, React Native development enables sending live updates directly to the users’ applications. This indicates that the user does not need to update the application.

  •  Less Usage of Memory

Third-party plug-in compatibility and seamless run-time are provided by React Native development. Thanks to its well-distinct modules, the attractive structure makes it much easier for third parties to participate.

  • Adjustability

Because of this framework’s great degree of adaptability, you can use it in conjunction with other frameworks such as Angular 14, JQuery, or Backbone to improve the performance of your application.

  • Code Reusability

React Native’s biggest benefit is that developers do not have to write unique code for each platform (Android and iOS). There is around 90% code reuse between the two platforms, which significantly accelerates and optimizes development. You need less maintenance and have a shorter time to market as a result.

Read the step-by-step guide on how to hire React Native developers from a leading React Native app development company.

eLuminous Technologies, a Top React Native App Development Company in the USA

eLuminous Technologies, a Top React Native App Development Company in the USA

eLuminous Technologies is a leading React Native app development company in the USA, which offers top-notch Android and iOS mobile app development services. You can easily hire dedicated developers Newyork, or dedicated developers Atlanta or else for any city in the USA from a flexible hiring model based on your project needs.

Highly professional React Native developers from eLuminous have in-depth knowledge to create mobile applications that will skyrocket your company. They assist you in turning your creative idea into a captivating cross-platform application that gives you an advantage over your rivals.


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We have more than 40 dedicated React Native mobile developers who have developed basic to advanced mobile applications in the media, automobiles, retail, health, real estate sectors, etc. Let’s check out the industry verticals we have covered.

Industries Served for React Native App Development

eLuminous team assists you in developing a thorough mobile app strategy that aligns with your business objectives by employing our knowledge and extensive technological experience. We can successfully implement our mobile strategy by using the newest technology, such as blockchain, the internet of things, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence.

We help clients in digital transformation by harnessing the power of cutting-edge and futuristic technologies. We provide clients all around the United States, including Chantilly, Virginia, Frisco, Texas, California, and New York, with incomparable technological solutions and services.

Have a look at what all React Native app development services eLuminous Provides!

Top React Native App Development Services

As a leading React Native development company, we assist our clients in creating mobile applications employing the framework’s cutting-edge capabilities, such as Expo, Virtual DOM, hooks, renderings, and useMemo. We offer the following services for developing mobile applications using React Native.

Top React Native App Development Services

  • React Native Consulting

Since 2015, the eLuminous skilled team has been developing React Native apps. We have completed 60+ React Native projects in a variety of industries. We provide consultation to growing businesses to help them understand the need for robust mobile applications.

  • Custom React Native App Development

We have more than 20 years of experience in the field of digital transformation and have worked with clients not only in the USA but also in other countries. The dedicated software development team is an expert in providing highly customized solutions within a predetermined budget.

  • Web App Development

We provide custom web app development solutions for small businesses and large corporations. Our web app development services cover the development of SaaS platforms, sophisticated analytical dashboards, enterprise web-based apps, and any other online application that may address clients’ needs.

  •  UI/UX Design

As one of the top UI/UX design service providers in the USA, eLuminous technologies truly define as translating an application’s functionalities into a richly engaging user experience. From sleek, single-purpose microsites to robust mobile or desktop class applications, our designers develop User Interfaces that are beautiful, easy to use, and simple to comprehend at any size.

  • Server-Side APIs

We assist clients who possess React Native applications without a server and add a backend to enhance its functionality. To make sure that the server and mobile interface uninterruptedly communicate with each other, we create an API and server specifically for your app.

  • MVP Development

MVP, or minimum viable product, is an excellent method for assessing a product’s market viability. We provide React Native MPV development services to assist you in iteratively developing the product while maintaining a cost-effective project execution cycle.

  • Full Stack Development

Our full-stack React Native mobile app developers are incredibly skilled and offer end-to-end development services under one roof. Figma is used to produce designs. React, or Expo, is used for front-end development, Go, Deno, or Node.js for back-end development, and AWS for deployment.

  • React Native Outsourcing

We currently operate sales operations in the US and Australia and have a development team in India. Hence, we offer React Native outsourcing services that are both affordable and deliver results of the highest magnitude. Our hourly development fees begin at a minimum price of USD 20/hour.

For more information, read how much React Native app development costs in India.

  • Support & Maintenance

As a leading React Native app development company in the USA, we provide 24/7 support and maintenance services even after project completion. Our team audits the code as needed, develops an improvement plan for the architecture, and implements it to address bugs, scalability problems, etc.

Why is eLuminous the right React Native Development Company for your next project?

The development team at eLuminous aims to offer a variety of React Native development services to businesses across various industry sectors. We are dedicated to technological development and use cutting-edge tools to create robust applications that enable businesses to grow. If you still wonder why to choose eLuminous’s React Native app development services, read the following top reasons to choose us over others.

  • Future Friendly Development

Future Friendly Development

We invest time and money in educating ourselves about the newest technologies. Our native app developers are highly trained and will consult you at every stage to find the ideal solution for your project.

  •  End-to-End Solutions

 End-to-End Solutions

As a React Native app development company, we offer full project coverage based on your specifications. Our team handles technology analysis, brainstorming, wireframing, product design, testing, and product launch while clients share their ideas.

  • Latest Tech stack

Latest Tech stack

Our experienced React Native developers create business applications using the most cutting-edge technology. We provide high-quality, user-friendly mobile applications using the most recent technologies and agile methods.

  • High Transparency

High Transparency

We maintain high transparency in each stage of product development and timely update the project progress to the client. The client feedback is highly appreciated, and suggested changes are incorporated as soon as possible.

  • Cost-Effective Solutions

Cost-Effective Solutions

We first analyze the project requirement and develop applications within the client’s budget by adding high-priority features. Cost-effective solutions don’t mean that quality is sacrificed; your application’s features and functionality are of the best quality.

  • Customized Solutions

Customized Solutions

We are renowned custom mobile application development company. Using React Native app development services, we are experts at developing customized Android, iOS, and Windows mobile apps that include all your specific and necessary business requirements at competitive prices.

eLuminous Technologies React Native App Development Processes

To construct scalable and customized mobile apps, our development team will take care of each step of the development process. Every mobile app is developed using the step-by-step process given below to ensure a consistent user experience across various devices.

eLuminous Technologies React Native App Development Processes

  •  Ideation

In the very first stage of the development process, we start by brainstorming ideas and understanding the client’s viewpoints. All of the requirements will be examined by our professional business analysts. To improve the app idea for better outcomes, we encourage direct research, survey target customers, and assess client needs. The thorough recording of requirements, workflows, and project plans marks the conclusion of this phase.

  • Prototype

We design scalable and effective prototypes after examining the data flow architecture. These prototypes are then tested by the clients, which further reduces the cost of developing native apps.

  • UI/UX Design

Once the prototype is done, we then design the UI/UX to deliver a premium user experience. Before the app is used, the design enables clients to see it in advance. Personalization depends on the user experience, so we pay close attention to each touchpoint to create better and more spectacular user experiences. We design scalable and effective prototypes after examining the data flow architecture. These prototypes are then tested by the clients, which further reduces the cost of developing native apps.

  • App Development

Being an experienced React Native app development company in the USA, we convert the design into functionality. The project is handed off to the development team once the design portion is finished. The development team will handle the coding portion of the project at this phase. We developed a streamlined roadmap to simplify and optimize the project development process.

  • Quality Assurance

It is essential to test the app before release if you want to produce a successful app. To ensure compatibility, interoperability, and portability, we run several tests. Our QA engineers will handle the app screening and ensure it is 100% bug-free before sending it to the client for approval.

  • Deployment

eLuminous’s team launches the app on the cloud after receiving approval. Your app project is now prepared for distribution to the client’s server and the iOS and Android app stores. Our React Native development services providers ensure the app launches successfully and is ready to go live.

  • Support & Maintenance

Your app is live, but it requires support and maintenance. Our React Native app development company places a high priority on support and maintenance. The support team is accessible to our clients around-the-clock.
This stage deals with any updates and revisions. Although we provide our clients with all essential credentials, paperwork, and source code, they frequently decide to have us maintain and make future upgrades as needed.

Frequently Asked Question

  • What is the difference between React and React Native?

The one significant difference between React and React Native is React is used for developing web applications while React Native is for mobile applications. Read our comprehensive guide on React vs React Native for a deep comparison.

  • Can I convert my existing application to React Native?

Yes, the eLuminous team can help you to convert your existing native application to React Native platform as per your project requirements. Read more on how to convert your website to a Native app.

  • How to hire React Native Development Company in the USA?

You need to consider various points when hiring the best React Native development company for your dream project. We have covered all these points in our blog- A comprehensive guide to hiring React Native developers.

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  1. I have gone through your article, it was very interesting & informative.React Native is a popular cross-platform framework used for mobile app development, and it has several advantages that make it a great choice for building mobile applications. I have some points to include in your article.
    1.Cross-platform development
    2.Faster development time
    3.Large developer community
    4.Native-like performance
    5.Customizable components
    React Native is an excellent choice for mobile app development, as it provides a faster, cost-effective, and reliable way to build high-performance mobile apps for both iOS and Android platforms.For your mobile app development you can take help from companies like Alakmalak technologies.

  2. I have read your blog on How is Hybrid Apps the Future of Mobile App Development.It was very informative & helpful for new beginners and new people but I have some points to share with you and other people.Here are some of the ways that native iOS app development can benefit your business:
    1.Enhanced User Experience
    2.Better Performance
    3.Access to Native Features
    4.Improved Security
    5.Increased Visibility
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