It’s overwhelming to see eLuminous entering in its 16th Year!

As a Sales Head of eLuminous from last 5 years, I have gone through various situations where compromise on values was the best option commercially but we decided to choose the harder one & never compromised on values that we are delivering to more than 700 Clients of eLuminous. It feels glad to see the companies with which we are working from last 5-10-12 years have grown from Millions to Billions & more. eLuminous had […]

Ranking up on the Search Engine is not the only thing for #SEO

What we perceive about SEO is just Quality backlinks from high PR sites and we somehow get our concerned website onto the first page of the Google. But what we tend to forget here is that the sole purpose of SEO is not to rank on the top of search engines but also to bring business and more visitors in our website. I would like to quote an example to support my statement. Google search […]

How does an SEO Expert help you overcome an all time low in the Business?

I’m sure you know what SEO (Search Engine Optimization) stands for. It’s a widely developing industry as many people are still not aware of how an SEO Expert can work wonders for an online business and the people who know about it are leaving no stone unturned to utilize this practice to enhance their business. Let me explain it to those who have still not understood what I am talking about! Gone are those old […]

Google Hunting For An SEO Expert

Can u believe Google is also hiring an SEO expert??? Astonishing…isn’t it..?? The search engine itself requires an SEO expert. According to sources, last week the company posted a job description for a full-time ‘Program Manager- Search Engine Optimization’ on its careers portal. Google recently had come under fire from European regulators who alleged Google of artificially gaming its searches to favor its own sites at the expense of its competitors. In another report, Gadgets.ndtv […]

Search Engine Optimization Techniques: Then and Now.

For all those who agree that Search Engine Optimization is something that just needs to be done for a few months and it doesn’t help after a certain period, you are backing a wrong horse. Search engine optimization techniques changes every year, in fact every six months. You cannot apply the same strategies to get your site ranked on top every year. Google changes its search engine matrix periodically and no one has an option […]

Evaluating Top SEO Services.

While carrying out your online marketing operations, Search Engines are always the major players without which you cannot take a single step ahead. In order to improve your website’s visibility on internet, you firstly need to optimize them on various search engines. This process of managing relevant data for better visibility on various search engines is called Search engine optimization. Nowadays there are various firms who claim to offer Top SEO services for those who […]

Best Social Media Marketing strategies.

The businesses of 2014 have become matured enough to create their presence on social medias, however just having the accounts on Social networking sites isn’t enough to gain the real outcomes. Trick is how regularly do you update it, whom do you follow, what posts do you add & whether you use it through business perspective or just for yourself. People usually find the Social Media marketing, a big waste of time. But if you […]

Use Search Engine Marketing To Help Your Business Grow

Search engine marketing is new to a lot of people, but basically it is the process of promoting the presence of your WebPages by using the position you have in the search engine rankings. This means that you want to make your website be one of the first ones recommended when the search engine makes a list for someone browsing for items they could find on your web pages. Search Engine marketing cannot be ignored […]

Internet Marketing & Web Design Services helps to improve business potential for you company

Internet marketing and web design go hand in hand. The web allows the whole world to find out about a certain product or service through online advertising. So, it’s only natural that web design services and internet marketing companies are very popular nowadays. It is important that you spend time and resources building a website that has both design and sales appeal, this is because you are more likely to reach your target audience; in […]