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How to Hire Dedicated Developers in New York: A Step-By-Step Guide

How to Hire Dedicated Developers New York A Step-By-Step Guide
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New York is one of the biggest startup ecosystems in the world (Source: New York Times). Due to its vast talent pool, it is becoming the largest growing tech hub in the USA. The city offers a digital hub that facilitates networking, funding, and access to all the resources required for startups and tech enterprises to prosper. The top IT companies in New York have made their remark worldwide using the latest technology and agile methodology.

With these technological advancements and a proficient workforce, NYC is the best place to hire dedicated developers for your next project. If you want to know how to hire dedicated developers in New York, then this blog is for you. It is a comprehensive guide covering the easy and most effective way to hire dedicated developers in New York.

Some of you might be thinking, are these dedicated developers different from general developers?

are these dedicated developers different from general developers

Well, dedicated developers are those professionals who are assigned specially for particular projects. They will dedicatedly work on that project only and use the latest techniques and methods to create an effective plan that reflects the firm’s needs. No matter if the project is a startup or updating of an existing system, dedicated developers use the most of their abilities to put everything together.

But the sad part is it’s not easy to find devoted web developers who can realize your company’s vision within your pre-decided budget. This is because it takes deep research and skill to comprehend their level of expertise and working experience.

You have to consider various factors to find the best-dedicated developers in New York, such as effective communication skills, customer reviews, and ratings of the development firm, cost, etc.

This blog covers all such factors which will help you find the right talent. But before exploring them, let’s shed more light on how hiring dedicated developers from a top software development company in New York will enhance your business growth.

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Why Hire Dedicated Developers in New York for the next project?

Why Hire Dedicated Developers in New York for the next project

When you outsource dedicated developers, they work just like your employees, and you will have complete control over workflow. Moreover, you can hire these developers on an hourly/monthly/fixed project basis depending on your project requirement. This way, you can control the cost of your web and mobile app development.

Businesses that have implemented this methodology have seen a 40% decrease in project development costs and an increase in productivity.
Dedicated developers are a great fit when a project’s scope cannot be firmly specified, and conditions can change throughout the development process. The prime objective of this strategy is to select a team that will make up for any gaps in necessary skills and function as quickly as you do.

When should you hire dedicated developers?

  • Require specific expertise
  • For long-term projects
  •  To improve turnaround time
  •  Looking for better project outcomes

Let’s dive deeper into the top benefits of hiring dedicated developers in New York.

Benefits of Hiring Developers from top IT Companies in New York

Benefits of Hiring Developers from top IT Companies in New York

  • Cost-Effective

Regarding software development, outsourcing dedicated developers are the most effective way compared to an in-house team. Because you have to invest in the training of in-house employees. Moreover, you have to pay them their full salary if they are not working. On the other hand, you have to pay dedicated developers only for their work.

Hiring dedicated developers from the top IT companies in New York can avoid various costs, such as recruiting fees, HR, administrative expenses, and extra office infrastructure.

  • Fast Project Development

Employing a dedicated development team has advantages because seasoned professionals manage the entire process and thus need less supervision. Simply put, your confidence that your project is in the hands of experts. This speeds up the development cycle and allows you more time to concentrate on other company objectives.

  • Specialized Skills

According to Future Workforce Report, around 59% of people feel that skill has become more specialized in the last few years, and in the coming years, it will become even more specialized. With the increase in technological advancements like Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, etc., the demand for specialized or dedicated developers also increases. Dedicated development enables the company to research the worldwide developer talent pool with these skillsets and invest in current development trends.

  • Streamlined Processes

Hiring dedicated developers is the ideal solution for businesses looking to launch a software project rapidly. The developers won’t take much time to arrange things properly because they are already trained to carry out software tasks. For an exquisite experience, hire dedicated developers New York from a top web development company in New York. These developers complete their jobs in the allotted time with high-quality outcomes. This results in simple management, quick production without any delays, and an overall streamlined process.

  • Access to Global Talent Pool

In the process of web development, specific tasks require specialized expertise. One significant benefit of employing dedicated developers is that you are open to local talent. Instead, to quickly start your project, you can hire people from all over the world and select the best professionals who work for you and your business. Depending on the requirements of your project and your company’s demands, you can engage professional developers skilled in any tech stack.

Important Things to Consider While Hiring Dedicated Developers in New York

Some questions must be running through your mind, like, from where can I find dedicated developers? If I found one, how can I judge their proficiency? What question should I ask him?

You will get the answers to all these questions in this section. So, give a 2-minute time to read it properly. You can locate the right talent for your upcoming project by keeping in mind the key elements listed below.

  • Dedicated Developers New York: Best options to hire

Dedicated Developers New York Best options to hire

When hiring dedicated programmers, there are many options to select from, but you need to consider your project’s requirements to make the best choice. The most popular platforms for locating and hiring qualified developers from top IT companies in New York are:

1. Outsourcing Companies

Outsourcing Companies

One of the best mediums to hire a dedicated software development team is offshore companies offering software development outsourcing. The two significant benefits of this option are- Firstly, the developers of outsourcing firms are highly experienced. Secondly, your time and money will be saved as these outsourcing firms hire the best expert after thorough screening. Read the comprehensive guide on outsourcing developers.

2. Upwork


Image source

Upwork is a marketplace of manpower. Freelancers in industries including writing, graphic design, and web development can find on Upwork. Add your requirements on the website of Upwork, and then the list of experienced will be in front of you. Check their profile before selecting anyone.

3. Clutch


Image source

Clutch is a popular B2B platform. It consists of a list of leading web development companies in New York or any part of the world. The best part of this platform is you can check the reviews and ratings of previous clients. It will help you in making the right decision. Check out the reviews and ratings of eLuminous technologies on Clutch.

clutch - eluminous technologies

Image source

4. Search Engine

Search Engine

You can use popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Blink, etc., to search for a dedicated development team. Make sure to check the ratings and review the options you find. While searching, you may come across bidding websites and job boards where you can post your requirements.

5. Git Hub

Git Hub

GitHub is a platform for collaboration and version control. It enables remote collaboration on projects between you and other people. In other words, this platform is a community of developers, where everyone discusses problems that arise during website development and their possible solutions. You can choose the one who is more actively solving and sharing web development issues.

6. IT Conferences

IT Conferences

Another effective way of finding dedicated developers in New York is to look out for them at IT conferences, where bright developers congregate to learn about the newest tools and advancements in the web development industry.

• Dedicated Developers New York: What to Look for?

Hiring subpar developers can cost your business a lot in terms of resources, time, money, and reputation, in addition to producing the right applications. Hence take your time to judge the proficiency of the dedicated software development team. You must check the qualities below in the shortlisted ones to further refine your search.

Dedicated Developers New York What to Look for

1. Aware of Top Industry Practices

Although it may not seem vital, this is an aspect that should be considered when employing developers from a top software development company in New York. Get an estimated tech stack from your vendor whether you’re hiring for a front-end, back-end, or mobile app development project.

You can also ask them before development if their team has previously worked with these technologies. To ensure that your internal development team is on the same page, ask your vendor to produce a list of testing tools and scenarios they may utilize.

2. Time Management

A developer should have this essential ability to deliver the project on time. It’s better to confirm the project deadline before finalizing him. You can check the developer’s past work and determine how much time he has taken to complete a project similar to yours.

3. Flexibility & Freedom

Before selecting a dedicated software development team, ensure there is a lot of freedom for team members. Every team member should be actively contributing to solving problems that arise during web development. There should also be lots of flexibility for developers to build an organizational model that includes internal processes and a sense of culture by trying new things.

4. Works on Agile Methodology

According to a PWC analysis, web development projects using agile technologies had a 28% higher success rate than traditional ones. Agile approaches, including Kanban, Scrum, and Extreme Programming (EX), are the best for offering a culture of continuous improvement, agility, flexibility, and efficiency within teams.

Therefore, it is advised to employ agile technology and hold frequent meetings between the teams when you engage a development team that will work with your internal team. This will guarantee that the work is done at a good pace and in the appropriate direction.

5. Transparency

Transparency is a highly potent tool in application development if appropriately used. It is typically applied to all aspects of development in connection with different relationships, making it more manageable, profitable, and effective. These relationships emphasize open communication, integrity, and honesty. To ensure their success in development, developers should uphold these values. This lowers the chances of project failure, fosters collaboration, facilitates open communication, and encourages accountability.

5. Time Tracking

One key advantage for any project manager is the capacity to quantify and record the time spent on development. It makes it easier to know how much time was spent on each project. With the help of tools like Trello, Podio, and Asana, everything has been very simple. When you use the best time monitoring system, you can also gauge the effectiveness and productivity of your development team.

6. Good at Communication

Before choosing any developer or development company, this is one of the most crucial things to look into. There will be numerous interactions and explanations with the developer during the project.

Therefore, you should pick a developer who can successfully communicate in your language. Failure to do so could result in misconceptions, significantly contributing to the project’s failure. Developer productivity, morale, and commitment all rise when there is effective communication, which also results in successful development.

  • Dedicated Developers New York: How to Interview?

Follow the steps below to interview developers from top IT companies in New York effectively.

Dedicated Developers New York How to Interview

1. Team Effort

Make your in-house developers be part of the interview. As they know your business processes and operations, their cognizance will also help you make the right decision.

2. Mode of Interview

Give more focus on face-to-face interviews, then only you can better judge the communication skills of the developer. If that is not possible, then a video interview would be preferable to a phone interview.

3. Interview questions

Ask questions to judge technical skills (questions related to software development or issues that arise during development processes) and soft skills (to evaluate strengths, weaknesses, communications skills, etc.)

4. Evaluation

Based on developers’ past work abilities and soft skills, evaluate how efficiently they communicate with the team, solve problems, and meet deadlines.

5. Convey your Requirements

Convey your project and business needs to the development team and figure out how well they understand your brand and what strategy they suggested for developing the web and mobile applications.

How to Hire Dedicated Developers in New York?

Hiring devoted remote developers eliminate the need for hiring, training, and infrastructure costs. Now all you need to do is assess your idea, select the best developer, and complete the project.

However, locating the right development team is challenging because of the rising demand for IT services. (Especially if you are a start-up). The wrong decision will put your company’s reputation in danger. Hence, adhere to the steps below while choosing the top remote software developer.

How to Hire Dedicated Developers in New York

1. Identify your Project Needs

The very first step is specifying the web development goal. Understanding your project needs and analyzing the market trends will help you get more clarity about what you are looking for.

When an enterprise hires developers, it conveys all necessary information to the vendor firm, such as objectives, project scope, deadlines, and other specifications.

Based on the information you submit; the vendor company starts putting together a team of software engineers for you. Be cautious when communicating your goals and requirements to a vendor in writing and verbally. This will help the processes run more smoothly and help the vendor find the best developers.

2. Curate a List of Companies

There are more than thousands of organizations that provide dedicated developers. One of the finest ways to narrow down your option is to focus on firms based on their expertise and past work.

You must complete your research because you will be the client investing time and money in the project. Ask around, look at what your rivals are doing, who they are employing, and how their experiences have been. Examine internet ratings and reviews for a few of the top-rated businesses. Make a list of the top 10 companies which have done at least one project similar to yours.

3. Check Portfolio & Past work

After shortlisting companies, it’s time to check whether their experience is relevant to your project. It would help if you got the company’s portfolio so you could look at the websites they have created and make sure the company keeps to its promises. Customer feedback demonstrates the high caliber of the team’s services, and the references would aid in revealing the hidden information.

To get proof of the company’s reliability, you can read client testimonials on the company’s website. Moreover, you can check the reviews on external websites like Clutch.

4. Conduct a Personal Interview

Through personal interviews, ensure that the dedicated developers New York you select can handle your project and provide the best digital solutions within your budget. Interviews can be in-person or over the phone, but you should evaluate their technical abilities, knowledge, personality, and professional quality.

5. Consider Security & NDA

As soon as you hand over your project to a software service provider, confirm that the outsourcing firm is contractually obligated to work with your business. When someone might try to steal your work, legal contracts assist you in enforcing your rights over the project. There are three different legal contracts that you might enter into with software service providers, though.

6. Onboarding & Integration

Outsourcing companies help in the smooth onboarding of developers. But you must consider a few points to make this process more effective and easier; those are

  • Outline all your expectations for the developer to avoid any miscommunication
  •  Before developers start the project, provide them with access to all the tools
  • Note down step-by-step instructions for setting up the development environment
  • Ensure developers are aware of the business objective and access all the current documents.

Tips to Manage Dedicated Developers in New York

Tips to Manage Dedicated Developers in New York

The management of dedicated software developers directly affects your business. Thus, it is essential to manage a team of dedicated developers.

It would help if you were actively involved in the project and maintained keen observation throughout it to manage them. You can cancel the project and demand to start over if there is a remote possibility of failure.

Once you finalize the developer from the top software development companies in New York, you must effectively contribute to the process of development by

  • Mutually agreeing on the working schedules.
  •  Assigning day-to-day tasks and setting up priority schedules
  • Through online socialization, try to sync the in-house team and outsourced developers.
  • To prevent any security breach, maintain the advanced authentication system.
  • Divide the whole development process into different phases and set deadlines for each stage.
  • Always give one software developer one bug to address while overseeing an entire team, and if another one pops up at that moment, give it to someone else.

Common Mistakes to Avoid while Hiring Developers from Top IT Companies in New York

Common Mistakes to Avoid while Hiring Developers from Top IT Companies in New York

The three most common mistakes enterprises make and end up with faulty applications are:

1. False Commitment

Hiring competent developers from the top IT companies in New York will allow you to save time and concentrate your efforts on your primary objective. To get a quality product quickly, it’s critical to communicate effectively with the individuals you recruit. Find an authority who can assist you in putting your ideas into practice. Choose enterprises that provide design sprints and workshops. This technique allows you to create and test a prototype in just five days.

2. Price Over Value

Although you can easily find numerous developers at the absolute cheapest rates, be sure you want to work with them in the future. Do you want to create a generic website or web app that your users won’t notice, or do you want to have an impact?
Must concentrate on creating a dependable, practical, and valuable solution rather than an ineffective application. In the future, you will receive an ROI for the full amount of money you spend on hiring.

3. Not Hiring Project Manager

Startups or companies with little experience using staff augmentation frequently need to recognize the value of having a person in charge of facilitating communication between the programming team and the client. A project manager is typically responsible for certifying the procedure and delegating tasks to the entire team. He is also responsible for understanding and communicating the developers’ needs to the clients.

What is Best for Your Business?

Hiring professional, dedicated developers New York brings many benefits to your company. The abilities, knowledge, and experience of the outsourced specialists will provide a user-friendly digital solution for your enterprise. At the same time, you save development and operational costs and have fewer legal obligations and paperwork. Moreover, you won’t have to pay the onboarding or legal costs that come with hiring new personnel.

All and all, hiring dedicated software development teams from leading outsourcing companies will help you achieve your business goals effectively and in a short time. Make sure to choose a web development company with enough experience in a project similar to yours.

eLuminous Technologies, a leading web development company in New York, has more than 20 years of experience developing top-notch digital solutions for various domains. You can hire dedicated developers from a flexible hiring model. Connect with our development team to know more.

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